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An increasing focus on sustainable or green data centers has become a trend in the industry of hosting services and data processing. Data centers use a lot of power, which is why companies have their eyes set on moving to green data centers that feed off renewable energy sources. This means that their ecological footprint is reduced while remaining energy efficient. This movement toward more sustainable options is expected to create a powerful impact in the industry, especially in regions such as Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North America.

What is the difference between a regular data center and a sustainable one?

Many of the key factors that define a green data center are invisible. These include external factors such as improving heat dissipation or internal measures such as airflow design. In recent years, techniques such as free cooling or free chilling have been adopted, which show much better results than a traditional air conditioning system. Also, optimizing airflow through containment has enabled smarter room cooling.

Water conservation and the use of renewable energy are raising the bar by which green data centers are assessed. To reduce consumption, multiple techniques such as energy storage or solar panels are being used. At the same time, innovative solutions can prevent the energy captured in cooling systems from being wasted.

Green data centers: A utopia or a reality?

In some data centers, the changes required to achieve sustainability are prohibitive and complex. Logistical, financial, and operational obstacles limit the options for deploying technologies such as a new refrigeration system. But there are many reasons to remain optimistic.

Many organizations are creatively tackling the challenge. For example, there is growing interest in locating facilities in cold regions to allow cooling using outside air or even underwater to use that naturally flowing cold water. However, due to a combination of practical management measures and the trend toward the growing use of edge computing, these options only make up a portion of green data centers.

Work with a provider dedicated to innovation

No technology determines whether a facility is sustainable, but ethics and a commitment to sustainability must be clear.

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Have you ever thought how a website opens in your browser once you type the URL and press enter? The entire process is managed by a web server. The web server uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to process your request. Whether you click on a link or enter a website URL in your browser, it is the HTTP used by your web browser that opens the website on your browser. This is why a web server is also known as an HTTP server.

Worldwide web servers usage trends during 2013 and 2014 offer insights and useful information on the online industry. The number one web server in the world is easily Apache. Regarding the top 10 million websites in the world, Apache servers are used to host 64.2% of all sites in the world. Nginx and Microsoft-IIS host 16.3% and 14.5% of global websites respectively. There is no other single server hosting over 2% of global sites.

When someone types your domain name into their browser, in theory, they are taken directly to your website. While this may sound relatively straightforward, this theory is not necessarily true in reality. All requests made to a server must pass through a number of network devices and systems. Before reaching their final destination. It is your dedicated hosting provider’s internet connection that will determine how fast and seamless this process actually turns out to be.