Server Hosting


When it comes to choosing a server, you may have a number of features on your checklist. Every individual and company will have their own, unique needs. The good news is that these days, just about everyone can find a solution that fits this distinct profile.

That being said, uptime should always be at the top of your list. Without reliable uptime, you’ll never be happy with your server’s performance. This is one of the best arguments for investing in a dedicated server.

Free website hosting is just what it sounds like; you get to host your website on a server for free with the understanding that you get a certain amount of free server space and bandwidth. An unspoken rule is also that you get some sort of FTP transfer software and that the server has a decent operating system with at least some security measures in place. Here are a few of the most common questions regarding free web hosting.

The features and subsequent benefits of free web hosting go far beyond one simple motivation or selling point. There are plenty of reasons why a hosting company would give away free web hosting. The most obvious benefit to you is the fact that it is free. The most common question that people ask is “What’s the catch?” Quite often, there is a catch, and quite often it is one that is very detrimental to you.