Managing security in an online business can be a difficult enough proposition. There are often infected computers, spoof sites dedicated to stealing traffic to get user credentials, and denial of service attacks. It’s no surprise that mobile apps that connect to the cloud can also be a severe target for malicious hackers. There are however a lot of things that software developers can do to prevent their mobile apps from becoming compromised. Cloud app security is much more important than we think.

Here are three steps that are necessary for the FTP daemon to allow connections:

  1. A non-root user must be created.
  2. The vsftp daemon must be started, you can do this with “/etc/init.d/vsftpd start”.
  3. The firewall must allow port 21. You can add the firewall run in Webmin or by editing /etc/sysconfig/iptables, then restarting the firewall with “/etc/init.d/iptables restart”

The FTP user will have permission in their home directory. In order for the FTP user to have permission to upload, create any folder or allow different access, it is needed to grant the user access to that location using chown or chmod.

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