We finish the third quarter of 2021 with great news about innovations in the tech world. It’s hard to think how far technology has had to adapt in just a couple of years to suit the needs of people going into the pandemic and now that restrictions are being slowly lifted, push even further to once again accommodate for the new challenges this post-quarantine world has.

As long as there are people to enjoy tech, we’ll be here to bring them the news roundup of the month! Let’s see what September had in store for everyone.

What’s on the agenda for the new EU-US Trade and Technology Council?

Negotiations will have a marked focus on shared democratic values, a deliberate message from the two biggest Western economies that emerging technologies should be developed in line with fundamental rights. The shadow of China is poised to loom large over the meeting. Both the EU and the US acknowledge Beijing as a potent rival but their diplomatic approaches differ in practice.

Facebook Chief Officer to Step Down

Facebook Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer on Wednesday announced he will be stepping down from his role.
His part-time role with Facebook will be that of senior fellow, Schroepfer wrote in his post. In that role, Schroepfer will focus on helping Facebook recruit and develop technical talent and continue to grow the company’s projects in artificial intelligence, Zuckerberg wrote in a post.

Amazon Introduces palm Swiping Technology to Concert Venues in US

The technology has been met with some criticism, with privacy experts warning against companies using biometric data, such as face or palm scans, due to the risk of it being hacked and stolen, but Amazon has said it stores the palm images in a secure part of its cloud and not on the Amazon One device.

Consumer Reports: Antivirus software to protect your tech gadgets

In its Internet Crime Report, the FBI said it received nearly 800,000 reports of cyber-crime in 2020, up 69 percent from 2019. Good news: you don’t have to pay to get solid antivirus protection that also guards your personal information.

The Best and Biggest Gadgets of September 2021

This September brought not only a new iPhone, but a new suite of Microsoft Surface devices, a smattering of new cameras, some great audio gear, and more. Click the title to read what you need to know about the best gadgets and devices to come out from this month.

General Motors’ new software platform Ultifi is coming to vehicles starting in 2023

Due to the system’s computing demands, Ultifi, which is still in development, will begin rolling out in 2023 and will be offered solely to those vehicles and beyond. This is only the most recent step taken by major automakers to make new automobiles more linked than ever before. General Motors and Ford have both addressed the revenue-generating prospects in software and subscription services, and Ultifi is another step toward establishing those businesses.


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