Fasthosts, the web hosting specialists, share their top five suggestions for keeping clients safe online, as a projection forecasts an 18% increase in e-commerce fraud.

As an online provider of products and services, your main concern should be the safety of your shoppers. If a consumer’s information is not safe, then it may be used to commit fraud and identity theft. In that case, your company’s reputation might be at risk.

1. Prioritize Passwords with a High Level of Security

A hacker will decode a weak password in many cases, regardless of how effective your on-site security measures are. Encourage users to use an intricate combination that contains capital case, number, lowercase, and special characters to get around this.

2. Keep up with the Main Security Updates

Third-party applications may help create a more absorptive and appealing online experience, but they’re also a refuge for hackers who are always looking for flaws. App developers release security upgrades on a regular basis, but it’s frequently up to e-commerce business owners to implement them.

3. Stop Hoarding Personal Information

Deleting outdated data regularly is the easiest approach to increase your site’s cyber protection. This entails developing a system for deleting clients’ personal and financial information as soon as possible after a transaction is completed. By deleting data when it’s no longer needed, you’re reducing the risk of a data breach right away.

4. Take it a Step Further and Encrypt your Info

Encrypting your site ensures that, even if it is hacked, the information stolen, frequently, becomes worthless. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a 256-bit encryption technique that safeguards you and your clients’ information. If a site is SSL certificated, you’ll see a padlock in the address bar and the URL will start with ‘https://’ instead of  ‘http://’.

5. Ensure PCI Compliance is Mandatory

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, or PCI DSS, are a set of data security standards that organizations should follow to keep passwords and payment information safe. Following these guidelines goes a long way toward guaranteeing consumer security. PCI compliance is required of all firms that process even one credit card transaction.

A Trustworthy Server will Help you Safeguard your Customer’s Information

Safe servers are the key to keeping your customer’s data away from hackers. Serverpronto offers you several security solutions for your company’s and shopper’s information, like the following ones: McAfee Server Security, Idera (R1Soft), Managed Backup Solutions, Cisco, and SonicWall Firewall Options, among others.

If you want to make sure your data is protected, don’t hesitate on contacting ServerPronto. They are ready to listen to your security needs and to provide your company with reliable and affordable hosting solutions.


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