With the rise of big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have evolved from purely conceptual instruments to powerful business tools, capable of providing valuable insights and driving sustainable growth.

With dedicated servers for AI development, like the ones offered by ServerPronto making the process easier, both startups and large international groups are studying the potential applications of artificial intelligence and an increasingly sophisticated range of machine learning algorithms in a wide variety of contexts, now including the creation of landing pages through AI.

Dedicated Server for AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) requires servers designed to manage massive data workloads, from data preparation to refined training models.

The level of security dedicated servers have is no match for any other hosting environment. Since these servers are exclusive and under the complete control of a single user, they’re more secure than a multi-tenant environment like cloud or virtual hosting.

This is especially important for applications that deal with sensitive information (like purchase orders, personal and financial information) and applications that work with information having to meet regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS.  

Creating landing pages with Headlime

There are dozens of solutions on the Internet that allow us to create Landing Pages in a simple way while maintaining the basics of how they should be done: extremely fast-loading, well-structured content, direct text, and the possibility of registration by the visitor.

Headlime is here to up the game. Headlime is a new solution that allows users to create such a page in a very simple way: you describe in a single paragraph what your product or service does, and let headlime build the Landing Page using Artificial Intelligence.

There are really three things you need to write: who is your target audience, what is the name of your product, and what is the description. Once the initial information is sent, you can build the different parts of the Landing Page.

Once the process is done, you preview the result and download the HTML created, which can also be edited. You can upload the HTML to your hosting, and link the subscription form to MailChimp, a CRM, or any other tool you’re using for managing leads and contacts.

The idea is good, a bit crude, for the moment, but very practical to speed up the process of programming a page of this type.


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