With everyone offering dedicated and cloud servers with 1TB of storage or more, personal computers coming standard with 1TB or more and even a 1TB USB Flash drive, many are wondering if you even need all of that space! So, to keep you from paying more than you need we’re showing you how to calculate how much storage space (or disk space) your server needs.

In general, more space is better. There are a few reasons for this:

  • When a disk becomes full (or close to full) processes and applications will slow down.
  • Having more storage space allows you to scale up.
  • A server with a large amount of space can fill multiple roles.
  • Everything is getting bigger, photos, videos, and even web pages! Check out the below image which shows a steady increase in the size of web pages:


Just how big has everything become?

  • HTML and stylesheets account for about 120KB combined
  • Scripts have doubled in the last 4 years and are now 330KB on average
  • Average image is 1.3MB
  • The average document is 1.5MB
  • The average webpage is 2.1MB
  • The average song is 3.5 MB
  • A video is 15MB per minute. (1 hour = 1 GB)

With these numbers, you can adequately calculate the amount of space your server will need.

Do you need 1TB server storage?

So, the average number of web pages in a website is pretty hard to calculate, but, in general, the more web pages you have the more keywords you rank for and the better you rank for them, most high ranking websites sit at 100,000 or more pages. That means that most high ranking websites will take up about 200GBs of hard drive space. So, add that to an email system, image storage, and video storage and you could be looking at 1TB storage in no time. Then, you can easily calculate the number of web pages on your site by going to google.com and typing in “site:yourwebsitesname.com”

For data storage, backup servers and media storage servers 1TB or more should be considered a must.

Best ways of getting 1TB storage on a server

Many people search for the most affordable servers with 1TB storage, but the price isn’t everything. So, most of the time you want to strike a healthy balance, between the cheapest server with a 1TB hard drive and the best server with a 1TB hard drive. ServerPronto offers an affordable way to get a dedicated server with 1TB of storage and excellent customer service.

ServerPronto offers the best affordable and secure hosting service in all dedicated server packages.


Anthony is a tech fiend. As a child, he dreamed of seamless integrations between hard drives and brains as a method of enhancing the human brain. As an adult, he enjoys more rational ventures into tech such as experimenting with and writing about the latest technologies and softwares.

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